USA, Florida: Formerly Anti-Gay NBA Player Joins Push for Marriage Equality

Written by scott on July 4th, 2013

FloridaA formerly anti-gay Miami Heat player has signed the petition to overturn Florida’s gay marriage ban. USA Today reports:

A group called Equal Marriage Florida is launching a petition to get same-sex marriage constitutionally recognized by the state of Florida in 2014. The petition needs at least 680,000 signatures for the measure to make the ballot. And the group has already lined up a high-profile first signer: former Miami Heat star Tim Hardaway. This is a big deal for one reason: Hardaway used to be one of the most vocally homophobic professional athletes in the country. “I hate gay people, so let it be known,” Hardaway said in a radio interview in 2007. “I don’t like gay people and I don’t like to be around gay people. I am homophobic. It should not be in the world or in the United States.”

Kudos to Hardaway for executing a 180 on the issue.

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  1. James says:

    People are allowed to change. People are allowed to grow.

    PS Hypocrisy would be if Hardaway said all that Gay-bashing stuff whilst cruising for Rentboys on the downlow.

  2. Jack says:

    People are allowed to change their minds.

  3. X-Lydia says:

    So, jrock, anyone who changes their mind is a hypocrite even if they now agree with you? What a no-win scenario!

  4. Jay says:

    having a change of heart does not make one a hypocrite. Saying he hates gays,while being secretly gay himself, would make him a hypocrite.

  5. clif says:

    Please look up the word hypocrite, it does not mean what you think it does. Also look up how to spell want, and the difference between there and their.
    I for one am glad you’re not on the same side as me. Your ignorance exudes from your pores, and it’s wonderful to not be associated with you.

  6. Sean says:

    jrock says “sooo..hes a hypocrite… why would gay people wont him on there side..i sure wouldn’t”

    jrock, so sad. I’m guessing you live in a world where nobody ever changes their mind, or grows, or forms new opinions based on new information. “Hypocrite” is the only term you can apply to somebody who does not hold the same opinions for the rest of his life?

  7. jmetal says:

    Why shouldn’t they? I think it would be ideal if all homophobic haters do the same.

  8. phallison says:

    So are you gay or do you speak for the gay community? Actually, I can’t really tell because your comment is ridden with spelling and grammatical errors…see, we all make mistakes. Idiot.

  9. Jeff Daschel says:

    Here’s why they want him on their side, even if he’s a hypocrite. That gives everyone in the State of Florida and nation to recconsider their position. Some may not be able to do such a 180 because they have in the past stood up in a different direction. Its time to reconsider those old-fashioned and archiac viewpoints is the moral of the story, just to get everyone to consider this again and again until everyone has equal rights. I applaud Mr. Hardaway, as I do anyone who makes a change from wrong to right.

  10. Claire Johnson says:

    No, he’s not a hypocrite. He is someone who has been educated about the issues. He has become an ally. It would be a very sad world indeed if no one could ever change his or her mind on an issue. Usually when someone who is homophobic or racist has a chance to meet and become acquaintances, if not actual friends, with a gay person or someone of another race, that is when their mind can be opened to the truth and they can change into an ally.

  11. James says:

    It means he has changed and realized what is right and wrong. His ignorance was bad but it’s your ignorance is attacking somebody who has made mistakes and realized what he did and said was wrong.

  12. Sam says:

    It’s not hypocrisy at all, Jrock. He would only be a hypocrite if he signed the petition whilst still believing and practicing homophobic behaviour. What we have here is just the victory of reason and logic and we should not channel any animosity towards it, lest we discourage it.

  13. Matt says:

    @jrock: I think you missed the point. The positive to take away from this is that anyone can change their viewpoint on the issue. If there is a person who was so vehemently opposed to the issue only a few years ago and has changed his stance, then that speaks volumes for what equality has achieved thus far and can achieve in the future.

  14. Tryptan says:

    (1) It’s not being a hypocrite to change your mind on something; that happens all the time and in thoughtful, intelligent people it is better to change your mind than to stick to a belief just to stick to it. He would only be a hypocrite if he continued gay-bashing but signed the petition.
    (2) How is it that you can spell “hypocrite” but can’t spell, “he’s” “want” and “their”?

  15. reallybro says:’d rather he stay on the side of inequality and be a voice against equal rights than discovering an error in his judgement and making a grand gesture in celebration of his change of heart? Yeah, that’s a much better idea.

  16. tilyadrop says:

    So no one is capable of becoming accepting or open-minded? You either start that way or you’re a hypocrite. Noted. What’s it like going through life as the only person who has never changed his mind about anything, jrock? If you ever learn the correct spelling of “want” or proper usage of apostrophes and “their”, make sure you never use that knowledge, lest you become a hypocrite.

  17. meshuggazombiejesus says:

    jrock, people DO sometimes come to their senses, you know. It DOES happen.

  18. Jess says:

    Learning better ways is a GOOD thing! We are all a work in progress- I love seeing growth and improvement 😀

  19. Tina says:

    A hypocrite? Seriously? He used to be a closed-minded bigot, now his views have clearly evolved and he’s grown as a person. He changed his mind, something everyone is entitled to do. Can you honestly say you’ve never, ever, changed your mind about anything? If so, I feel sorry for you. If no one ever changed their mind about anything based on education and life experience, then no one would ever learn or grow. And if the response to someone whose mind has changed about something like this is to call them a hypocrite, others with the same closed-minded attitudes will be significantly less likely to change their minds, and that helps no one.

  20. rowen says:

    Since the goal of equal rights efforts is to enact change, that means social change seekers have to find the respect and compassion to let people change their minds. After all, that’s what we’re asking them to do, so it isn’t fair to turn around afterwards and say, “You can’t change your mind, that makes you a hypocrite!”

    Also, let me just point out that it isn’t only gay people on the side of equal rights. Plenty of straight people support marriage equality too.

  21. Terry Karney says:

    jrock: soooo… One is never allowed to have a “come to jesus moment”.

    Good to know.

  22. Pastafarian says:

    @jrock: So people aren’t allowed to change their minds? Get over yourself. Someone coming around and letting go of bigotry should be celebrated, not scorned.

  23. jtotheroc says:

    Changing your mind does not make you a hypocrite.

  24. xmalice says:

    Changing your mind does not make you a hypocrite. If thinking about an issue, realizing you were wrong, & adjusting your viewpoint is hypocritical, what’s the point of even discussing anything?g

  25. Bert says:

    Although he said hurtfull things, he is allowed to change his mind for the better and admit he was wrong. Always better the continuing the hate path ! Amen!

  26. MSSmith says:

    A hypocrite is someone who does not live by principles or ideals he claims to have. Hardaway is not a hypocrite. He is a man whose beliefs have changed and who is choosing to speak out in accordance with that change. He is a rare individual: someone who can learn and change–and does.

  27. dman says:

    jrock, people like you are why more people don’t start supporting things that are fundamentally moral. There’s a difference between hypocrisy and changing your mind. If you were never allowed to change your mind we would all hate vegetables and die from scurvy. Or are you just saying that I’m a hypocritical vegetarian for not eating my vegetables when I was 5?

  28. Laurie Edwards says:

    If Mr. Hardaway has truly educated himself and changed his view, that’s fantastic. This is how we do it, one person at a time if necessary.

  29. Chris says:

    Seriously, more people should learn to keep their minds open. The only way any of us could be fixed in our ideas is if we already knew everything, and nothing ever changed. Here in the real world, any reasonable person should be capable of change. Kudos to Mr. Hardaway, and welcome to the right side of history.

  30. Mark says:

    if you can’t change your mind, how do you know you have one

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