USA, Mississippi: Poll Shows Strong Support Among Youth for Marriage Equality

Written by scott on July 13th, 2013

Mississippi MapAs things get moving on marriage equality in Mississippi, one of the most conservative states in the US, there’s a new poll out with some encouraging news. LGBT Weekly reports:

Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin released the results of a bipartisan poll in Jackson today looking at Mississippians’ positions on LGBT issues. The poll shows 58 percent of Mississippians under 30 support marriage equality. Support also is strong for workplace non-discrimination protections that would protect LGBT employees, with 64 percent of Mississippi adults saying they support such legislation. Currently, there are no laws that protect LGBT Mississippians from discrimination in the workplace.

Anyone see the overall poll results on marriage equality (all age groups)?

Chad Griffin, head of the HRC, also spoke out for marriage equality in the state in Jackson. Edge Boston reports:

Speaking at a Friday news conference at the state Capitol, Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin says he is confident that full legal equality, including gay marriage, will eventually come to Mississippi. Citing his Arkansas upbringing, he said the South shouldn’t be seen as particularly resistant. “It’s precisely because of those values that there’s no reason the South shouldn’t be a leader in the struggle for equality and dignity for all people,” Griffin said. “Full equality will very soon reach every single person in every corner of this vast country. Yes, right here in the state of Mississippi, too.”

Down in Poplar, Mississippi, a lesbian couple was turned away when they requested a marriage license. reports:

As reported earlier, the Campaign For Southern Equality has been on a road trip through Mississippi this week to highlight the state’s anti-LGBT laws and speak out for equality as part of their “We Do” campaign. On Wednesday, the campaign traveled to Poplarville (population: 2,894) to test the marriage application process for gay couples. As expected, the application was rejected under Mississippi law stating “any marriage between persons of the same gender is prohibited and null and void from the beginning.”

There was also a group of gays and lesbians requesting marriage licenses in Hattiesburg – WDAM reports:

Men, women, children, and a preacher with the Campaign for Southern Equality joined hands to pray before flooding through the doors at the Forrest County Courthouse on Friday. Executive Director of the campaign blessed their efforts. “As a person of faith, I pray to a loving and mighty God,” Jasmine Beach-Ferrara prayed. Surrounded by friends and family, six same sex couples were denied in an attempt to obtain marriage licenses. Although the couples knew their attempts would not be accepted, couples say this is one step closer to equal marriage rights.

Step back for just a minute and consider that the fight for marriage equality, that was being fought in the other direction with bans in blue states just a few years ago, is now being fought with lawsuits, marriage license requests, and legislative acts in some of the reddest of the red states. Such an amazing change in the space of a decade.

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  1. Glen Hart says:

    Hi! shows that marriage support is at 34%!, low but a lot more than polls from 2011 which were at 18%!

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