USA, Pennsylvania: Updates on the Marriage Equality Fight

Written by scott on July 13th, 2013

As Pennsylvania gears up to become one of the next marriage equality hot-spots, we have a few updates for you from the state.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom CorbettFirst off, State Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s announcement that she won’t defend the state’s gay marriage ban has put republican Governor Tom Corbett in a tough spot. Politico reports:

Corbett faces a rock-and-hard place decision. If he opts to defend the law — he’s expressed support for it in the past — Corbett will draw ire from a Democratic base that already despises him. If he chooses not to defend it, he risks alienating the members of his own party he needs for reelection next year. “Corbett will defend [the law],” said Franklin & Marshall pollster Terry Madonna. “He opposes gay marriage and his conservative base would be furious with him if he does not.” On the other hand, the suit over the state’s same-sex marriage ban comes at a time when Pennsylvania public opinion on the issue has seen a major shift. A Franklin & Marshall poll from earlier this year found 52 percent of registered voters support same-sex marriage, while 41 percent oppose it.

Also in Pennsylvania, and anti-gay pastor was arrested for stalking the AG. reports:

Pastor Bill Devlin “failed to sign in with an officer” at the Harrisburg office of Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane and was found attempting to reach her upstairs office yesterday, when he was confronted by Capitol Police, the Philadelphia Daily News reports: When officers confronted Devlin, he laid down in an elevator with the door open and refused to move. “The police asked him to get up, he did not, so they handcuffed him and they carried him out of the building,” Lubart said. Devlin, an activist who has, among other things, gone on a hunger strike to protest the church ban in NYC schools, was trying to reach Kane to confront her about the announcement she made this week.

We’ll keep you posted as things move ahead – next to watch for – does the Governor appoint someone to defend the law?


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  1. Nicole A says:

    U know NOM and FRC will spin this pastor incident to look like he was arrested for his beliefs.

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