USA: Supreme Court Denies Hearing on Ten Other Marriage Equality Cases

Written by scott on July 1st, 2013

US Supreme CourtA number of other cases that had worked their way up toward the US Supreme Court were ended this week – many of them superseded by the DOMA case that was decided. On Top Magazine reports:

On Thursday, the day after the Supreme Court ruled on two cases related to gay marriage, the high court denied review of 10 additional related cases. Eight of the cases challenged the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), specifically the provision on access to federal benefits for married gay and lesbian couples that the justices struck down on Wednesday.

There were two other cases that were also rejected – in one, the Court let stand a ruling that retained health benefits for same sex partners of state workers; in the other, the Court declined to affirm Nevada’s constitutional ban on marriage equality.“>Find more articles and gay wedding resources.


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  1. Lisa Kendall says:

    I do not nor ever will understand how who i marry is has an effect on any one other than who matters! Im more intimate with my Therapist than i am with any one, besides my wo-man! But, goes to show people are my focused on the sex act part of it. We do nothing different than what a married man and woman does. Confused

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