USA, Texas: Is Ban on Marriage Equality Hurting State Businesses?

Written by scott on July 5th, 2013

Texas mapAre gays and lesbians ready to flee the Lone Star State to get federal marriage benefits? And will many businesses be reluctant to relocate there because of the anti-equality stance? Anna Waugh at the Dallas Voice thinks so:

Tony Vedda, president of the North Texas GLBT Chamber of Commerce, said Perry’s efforts are pointless if he and other Republican leaders don’t see the benefits of an inclusive workforce. He said businesses should stop viewing marriage equality as a gay issue because it affects society as a whole. “Economic development groups, chambers of commerce and the governor’s office continue their efforts to attract businesses to Texas while shooting themselves in the foot with the state’s lack of equality,” he said. “Intentional or not, some businesses will certainly move to Texas; but I’m willing to bet that a good deal of them will not.” Chuck Smith, executive director of the statewide LGBT advocacy group Equality Texas, said most major companies already offer competitive benefits to LGBT employees and “we’re reaching a point where Texas is less competitive among other states.”

Why would a mobile gay or lesbian couple stay in a state that explicitly bans them from receiving equal treatment, especially now that other states offer full marriage equality?

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