USA: Young Republicans Convention Snubs Gay Rights

Written by scott on July 14th, 2013

GOPThe Young Republican National Convention in Mobile, Alabama this week snubbed one of the groups the GOP just months ago hoped to win over… youth supportive of marriage equality and gay rights. Lila Shapiro at The Huffington Post reports:

The official agenda for the 2013 Young Republican National Convention this week includes several subjects near and dear to the heart of the GOP: the Second Amendment, voter targeting, campaign finance and even a session on “growing minorities in our party” (read: black and Latino voters). But there is no reference to one issue that some Republicans contend will be instrumental to winning in 2016: gay rights. “It’s discouraging and I expect more of everybody, especially young people,” said Tyler Deaton, campaign manager for the Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry, a project of the national gay rights group Freedom to Marry. Deaton tried to get a spot on the official agenda, but, like many gay rights advocates before him who have sought an official place under the GOP’s tent, he was denied. Instead, he plans to throw a Friday night reception at the Mobile, Ala., hotel where the convention is being held.

So how’s that much ballyhooed “rebranding” of the GOP going? Let’s see – alienate women with countless anti abortion laws? Check. Alienate blacks with the overturning of the most important part of the Voting Rights Act and subsequent laws to cut back minority voting? Check. Alienate hispanics by blocking the immigration bill in the house? Check. Alienate the gays by continuing to push for bans on marriage equality and keeping them out of the Big tent? Check. Alienate the youth vote with all of the above? Check. At this rate, they’ll be down to old straight white Southern voters in no time.

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  1. Robert Skip Burns says:

    A leopard’s spots do not change. Change in these people is complete fantasy and total hype.

  2. jerry says:

    Yep…those good old boys just still don’t get it. You can’t crap on people and expect to get their vote. It’s pretty simple but something that the Republican Party just doesn’t get. If you are a Democrat or Independent…you’ve got to love this because they are setting themselves up for another loss. I’m digging it and I am an old white Southern Baptist guy thinking that we should all be treated equally and treated with respect no matter who you are. Silly me!

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