Worldwide, 600 Million Live in States/Countries With Marriage Equality

Written by scott on July 1st, 2013

titleA new study shows just how many people now live in countries (or in the US, states) that have full marriage equality – it’s almost 10% of the global population. Queerty reports:

According to Australia’s Melbourne Ports Residents for Marriage Equality (MPRME), globally there are now 607 million people living in jurisdictions with full marriage equality. That number represents 8.6% of the total world population. “What this shows it that marriage equality is not just a temporary fad,” said MPRME spokesperson, Tony Pitman. “It’s a wave of equality that’s sweeping the globe. It’s a fundamental human rights reform that’s an inevitable part of social progress.”

That’s amazing – now if we could just get China and India on board… 😛

Marriage Equality Countries

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