China: Grandma Advocates for Marriage Equality for Her Grandson

Written by scott on August 14th, 2013

Chinese GrandmotherA grandmother with a gay son in China is pushing for him to be able to marry another man. Gay Star News reports:

A 90-year-old woman has become an unexpected internet hit in China after her video calling for equal rights for her gay grandson went viral. ‘I am 90 years old,’ the grandmum says in the video, ‘My grandson is gay. ‘He treats me very well and he is sensible. I love him [and] I hope he can find a boyfriend and have a happy life. I hope the government can support him.’ During the video she holds up a sign which says in Chinese, ‘we urge the legalization of same-sex marriages.’

I lost one of my wonderful grandmothers last year, but I’d totally take this one in her stead.

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