Kenya: It’s Illegal To Be Gay, But Polygamy Is Okay

Written by scott on August 27th, 2013

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There’s a little bit of a double standard in Kenya about “traditional marriage”.

Pink News reports:

When opponents claim same-sex marriage could lead to polygamy maybe they should look at Kenya – the country criminalises homosexuality – yet two Kenyan men have signed an agreement to marry the same woman. Community policing officer Adhalah Abdulrahman persuaded the two men to marry the woman after he saw them fighting over her in Mombasa county. Sylvester Mwendwa, one of the husbands, said he decided to share her with Elijah Kimani. The unnamed woman had been having affairs with both men for more than four years and apparently refused to choose between them.

So when will Kenya’s marriage police arrest this threesome that’s obviously flaunting their sexuality and disobeying traditional marriage norms? Don’t hold your breath.

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