Written by scott on August 24th, 2013

Seriously?The latest in our series of the crazy things the anti gay folks are saying and doing around the world.

Why Are You Discriminating Against Straight Soldiers?

Right-Wing Sen. James Inhofe had some harsh words for the Secretary of Defense over a proposed leave policy for soldiers with same-sex partners wishing to get married. Towleroad reports:

I was very disappointed by the recent Department of Defense announcement that it intends to extend benefits to same-sex couples that are not equally afforded to opposite-sex couples. I write this letter to express my great concern to policy issued on August 13, 2013, especially the intent to extend special uncharged leave benefits to same-sex partners and not to all military couples. Further, I am unaware of any legal authority to grant uncharged leave to couples seeking to be married.

In case the good Senator is uninformed, the policy is necessary because many gay and lesbian soldiers are stationed in conservative areas where they do not have access to the right to marry. Perhaps Sen. Inhofe would like to change this with a nationwide marriage equality bill?

Gay Sex Is Icky

Seriously regular Bryan Fischer is at it again, this time spending way to much time thinking about gay sex. Pink News reports:

Fischer was defending San Antonio Politician, Elisa Chan after she made comments saying that gay people are “disgusting” and that “homosexual people shouldn’t do adoption” because it would confuse children… “she had nothing to apologise for” and if 90% of the population “stopped and thought about it they would find homosexual sexual behaviour disgusting and abhorrent.”

Personally, I find the thought of anything Fischer himself might do in the bedroom “discussing and abhorrent,” but I don’t spend my days trying to find ways to take his rights away.


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