Uganda: Kill the Gays Bill On Hold

Written by scott on August 17th, 2013

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Ugandan officials appear to be afraid of losing international aid, and are slow-walking the kill-the-gays bill. reports:

Late last year, Ugandan parliamentary speaker Rebecca Kadaga, promised to swiftly pass the “kill the gays” bill as a “Christmas gift” to Ugandans. As you know, it (thankfully) never happened. Pink News reports that Marvin Kibuuka, one of the country’s gay rights advocates, claims to know the reason: loss of aid to Uganda. Some within Uganda’s government who are concerned the bill poses a threat to international aid donations. Mr Kibuuka said: “When the speaker, Rebecca Kadaga, went to Canada in October 2012 and came back to Uganda everybody thought she was going to pass the bill at the time, but at the same time the government was trying to draft the budget for the forthcoming year. Mr Kibuuka added: “the government didn’t want to lose out.” But he also warned that the majority of people in Uganda want the bill to pass regardless and don’t care about the threat of losing international aid.

Just like the conservatives here – stay pure with your ideology and damn the consequences.

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