UK, Scotland: Man Must Pay Marriage Equality Advocate $40k for Online Slur

Written by scott on August 6th, 2013

Report Says Gays, Disabled Forced Into Marriage in ScotlandA man in Scotland who called a lesbian marriage equality advocate a pedophile has been ordered to pay restitution. Pink News reports:

A Twitter troll in Scotland who branded a teacher a paedophile for campaigning for equal marriage rights has been ordered to pay #40,000 by the country’s highest civil court. David Shuttleton, who lives near Glasgow, launched a vicious online hate campaign against Jaye Richards-Hill because of her support for equal marriage in Scotland… The Daily Record reports David Shuttleton attacked Ms Richards-Hill’s reputation by sending her hate-filled tweets with the hashtags “child abuse” and “danger to children”, and has since posted many other abusive messages about her on Twitter.

It wasn’t just a one-off comment – it was an ongoing, sustained hate campaign. But just wait for the cries of religious liberty on this one.

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