USA, Alabama: GOP Trying to Push Out Young Marriage Equality Supporter

Written by scott on August 17th, 2013

Stephanie PetalosThe Alabama GOP is freaking out that the head of the College Republicans Federation of Alabama is pro marriage equality. Raw Story reports:

Members of the Alabama Republican Party are looking to oust the head of their college community from her position on the state steering committee for refusing to denounce marriage equality on constitutional grounds, Buzzfeed reported on Friday. Stephanie Petelos, who leads the College Republicans Federation of Alabama (CRFA), told Buzzfeed that fellow committee member Bonnie Sachs has been enlisting support for a plan to have her kicked off the board, in violation of an agreement Petelos had reached with state leadership regarding comments published in the Birmingham News in June 2013.

They’re doing everything they can to alienate the next generation, aren’t they?

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