USA, California: “The Campaign” Shows How Prop 8 Fight Paved Way for Marriage Equality

Written by scott on August 15th, 2013

Prop 8 OverA new documentary looks at the role the Prop 8 fight played in the recent successes of the marriage equality movement across the US. The Seattle Times reports:

I first saw the previews for “The Campaign” when I attended a PBS workshop for producers back in 2011. Producer/director Christie Herring was also a fellow that year, and I remember being moved to tears by the excerpt she showed us. Herring received exclusive access in 2008 to the state headquarters of the “No on 8\0x2033 campaign, which means she had access to heart-wrenching stories of ordinary people moved to take action for a cause that directly affected their lives and families. Herring dedicated the next four years to raising funds to complete the project.

The documentary is currently screening in film festivals across the country. Gotta catch it when it comes here – I can finally watch things about Prop 8 without feeling numb inside. It’s screening tonight in Seattle.

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