USA, Hawaii: Catholic Bishop Says Discrimination Against Gays Is “Just”

Written by scott on August 27th, 2013

Honolulu Bishop Larry SilvaAs the Hawaii legislature considers a special session to pass the marriage equality bill, Honolulu Bishop Larry Silva is throwing in his two cents.

Think Progress reports:

Silva contends that while “unjust discrimination” against those with “same-sex attraction” is wrong, some discrimination is “just.” Since we “discriminate quite justly between adults and minors” and “professors and students,” he reasons, “To discriminate between heterosexual and same-sex couples regarding marriage is not, despite the hype on the streets, unjust discrimination.”

It’s kind of amusing to watch a man of the cloth argue for discrimination. Kind of, but not really.

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  1. Wyocowboy says:

    Lets start to discrinate against his religion if wants to play that game. To say we discriminate against minors having sex is really sick but he is part of a religion that sexually abuses children. He has no room to talk.

  2. Barney Wolfe says:

    This ole Queen and his hocus pocus Sky Daddy religion need to learn to mind their own business. If Miss Silva and his fellow catholic clergy don’t want to marry same gender people, nobody is forcing them to. They need to stop interfering with civil marriage rights for the rest of us. There is a reason we have separation of church and state and it is because both cannot be trusted to leave the other alone. Miss Silva’s catholic church has hundreds of years of inquisitions, pogroms, child abuse and witch-hunts of heretics that demonstrate what happens when they have a monopoly on political power.

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