USA, Kentucky: Lesbian Couple Asks for Spousal Protection in Murder Case

Written by scott on August 13th, 2013

KentuckyA lesbian couple involved in a murder trial is seeking spousal protection from the court. The Guardian reports:

Bobbie Jo Clary, 37, is accused of murdering a man in Louisville in October 2011 and could face the death penalty if convicted. The prosecution subpoenaed her partner, Geneva Case, 49, to testify against her. The defense filed a motion to block the subpoena, citing spousal privilege, which protects married couples from having to testify against each other in most US jurisdictions. Clary and Case were joined in a civil union in Vermont in 2004, five years before the state legalised same-sex marriages.

Not exactly how we’d like to see marriage equality won in Kentucky, but it is an important right that legally married couples have that gay and lesbian couples who can’t marry don’t…

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