USA, New Mexico: Clerks Petition State Supreme Court for Marriage Equality Ruling

Written by scott on August 29th, 2013

New Mexico MapThe pace of events continues to accellerate in New Mexico. First off, the state’s county clerks asked the Supreme Court for a ruling on marriage equality. The Albuquerque Journal reports:

New Mexico’s 33 county clerks voted Wednesday to seek a state Supreme Court ruling on the legality of same-sex marriage, even as gay and lesbian couples continued flocking to county offices in all corners of the state. The move came on another whirlwind day: Attorney General Gary King upholding the validity of marriage licenses issued to same-sex couples in 2004 by a former Sandoval County clerk; and the state Supreme Court turning down a request by the lawyer for two Santa Fe men to consolidate and take over several pending gay marriage lawsuits.

When will the case be heard? KRWG reports:

KRWG News has learned that the New Mexico Supreme Court could take up the issue of marriage equality as soon as next week. Earlier this week, a state district judge ruled that Bernalillo County should begin issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. The move came after Dona Ana County Clerk Lynn Ellins began issuing the licenses. In an interview with MSNBC Wednesday at KRWG-TV, Ellins said the matter could be going to the Supreme Court as early as next week.

This comes as a same-sex couple sued Sandoval County to be allowed to marry. LGBTQ Nation reports:

A same-sex couple from Los Alamos County is asking a state district court to require local officials to issue them a marriage license, a move that expands the legal battle over gay marriage in New Mexico. The lawsuit was filed in the 1st Judicial District Court in Santa Fe by lawyers for Janet Newton and Maria Thibodeau, who were denied a marriage license by the Los Alamos County clerk’s office earlier this week.

And in Sandoval County, another suit was filed. Pink News reports:

A lesbian couple in the county of Sandoval, New Mexico, has filed a lawsuit after being denied a marriage licence. Carolyn VanHousen and Gail Gering, have been in a relationship for eighteen years, and have attempted to marry in the past, but as the issue of equal marriage has been thrown into flux in the state due to a judge’s ruling on the issue, the couple were surprised to be turned down again on Wednesday.

Breathtaking. Look what one clerk’s action has brought about in the sate already, and where this might go in the next two weeks!

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