USA, New Mexico: Gay and Lesbian Couples Flocking to Dona Ana County for Marriage Licenses

Written by scott on August 23rd, 2013

New Mexico MapNow that the County Clerk has thrown open the doors for same-sex couples, many of them are rushing to Dona Ana County to get marriage licenses. The Washington Post reports:

Gay and lesbian couples flocked to southern New Mexico for a second day Thursday to take advantage of a surprise decision to issue same-sex marriage licenses. And most were tying the knot on the spot, making sure they got their long-awaited marriage certificates before any courts or state officials could interfere. “We wanted a piece of paper that said, ‘Yes, the 20 years have not been in vain,'” said Thom Hinks of Albuquerque.

Hinks said he and his partner, Richard Sunman, spent much of their three-hour drive discussing whether to get married immediately in Las Cruces on Thursday or use the license to have a better-planned ceremony somewhere else in the state. They said they decided to do it right away, remembering that licenses issued by the Sandoval County clerk in 2004 were later invalidated. “All it would take is for a judge to issue an edict and strike it down,” said Hinks.

Mark and I had a similar conversation in 2008 in the shadow of Prop 8. We had hoped to wait until the next year to have a big wedding with our friends and family, but the imminent passage of the hateful bill forced our hand. I don’t regret getting married when we did – it was the perfect day – but I am sad when I hear of same-sex couples forced into this decision without the option to have the wedding day they always dreamed of.

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