USA, New Mexico: Supreme Court Sends Marriage Equality Suits to Lower Courts

Written by scott on August 17th, 2013

New Mexico MapGay activists were hoping for a quick resolution to several lawsuits asking the state to officially recognize same sex marriage, but we’re going to have to wait awhile longer. The Alamagordo News reports:

New Mexico’s highest court isn’t going to immediately decide whether gay marriage is legal in the state and instead will allow lower courts to first consider the issue. The state Supreme Court has denied requests by same-sex couples from Santa Fe, Albuquerque and other communities who had asked the justices to declare gay marriage legal. Two lawsuits were filed directly with the court to try to get a speedy decision, but the justices rejected them on Thursday in brief orders without a detailed explanation. However, the justices said the gay marriage issue could be pursued in a lower court “with a right to request expedited review.”

I’m no legal expert, but from my experience watching Prop 8 crwal through the courts, it seems as though this means at least months, if not a year or two, before the cases are decided in NM.

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