USA: Retailer AutoNation Announces It Will Insure All Legally Married Employees’ Spouses

Written by scott on August 31st, 2013

AutoNation LogoA Florida-based auto retailer just announced that they will begin insuring the spouses of all legally married employees, including gay and lesbian employees.

GSFLA reports:

“Last week in an employee meeting, [Chairman and CEO Mike] Jackson announced that same sex couples who are married will be eligible for benefits,” company spokesman Marc Cannon said. The Fort Lauderdale-based company, with 21,000 employees at 256 franchises in 16 states, calls itself “America’s Largest Automotive Retailer.”… AutoNation still will not insure unmarried partners, both gay and straight. “All associates have to present proof of marriage,” Cannon said.

More and more companies are starting to see that it’s in their best interest to treat their gay and lesbian employees well. Let’s hope this spreads.

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