USA, Tennessee: Marriage Equality Battle Gearing Up

Written by scott on August 27th, 2013

Tennessee mapThe battle for marriage equality in Tennessee is about to go into high gear.

Dot429 reports:

In a novel and methodical approach to the same-sex marriage rights issue, Marriage Equality Tennessee and the Human Rights Campaign have for weeks been signing up couples across the state to apply for marriage licenses at key counties. As expected, the licenses have been rejected by county officials, but the legal stage is being set for a future turnaround, say marriage equality advocates. Meanwhile, LGBT leaders are organizing a series of six statewide rallies across the state on August 31, which they have declared to be Tennessee Marriage Equality Day. The opponents pushing their own agenda in the state legislature have countered with “Traditional Marriage Day,” also on August 31.

We are seeing actions like this in state after state, and currently the only state I’m aware of that’s looking at going the other direction is Indiana. And even there there’s pushback.

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