USA: Which States Have Marriage Equality Lawsuits?

Written by scott on August 1st, 2013

USA MapThe Bilerico Project has a roundup of marriage equality cases around the nation:

The cases most likely to reach the Supreme Court next are two brought by Lambda Legal that are pending in the Ninth Circuit. Sevcik v. Sandoval from Nevada and Jackson v. Abercrombie from Hawaii challenge the same-sex marriage bans of their respective states. Both district courts ruled against the plaintiffs last year, and the Ninth Circuit put the cases on hold until the Supreme Court marriage decisions.

In Sevcik the plaintiffs are four couples who were denied marriage licenses in Nevada, and four couples married in California and Canada who seek recognition for their marriages in Nevada. The plaintiffs argue that Nevada’s civil unions law, which grants most of the same rights to same-sex civil unions as marriage, demonstrates the irrationality of the legal separation in Nevada between civil unions and marriage. Similarly in Abercrombie, the plaintiffs include a couple that was denied a marriage license, even though Hawaii allows civil unions between same-sex couples.

Marriage Equality’s own Ned Flaherty has his own list of pending lawsuits here.

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