Australia: Marriage Equality Foes Borrow Tactic from Prop 8 Supporters

Written by scott on September 3rd, 2013

Australian marriage equality foes appear to be ripping a page right out of Frank Schubert’s playbook.

Gay Star News reports

An anonymous group appears to be behind three flyer campaigns targeting Australian politicians over their support for same-sex marriage by claiming that children will be forced to learn about it in kindergarten and implying very young children will be taught about gay sex. The flyers do not identify the group behind them and show a photo of a child under 10 staring at a chalk board with the words, ‘sex education,’ and ‘Same-sex marriage, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual,’ written on it.

These tactics worked here in California back in 2008, but this isn’t 2008 any longer. And Australia has a much higher level of support for marriage equality than California did at the time.


Perrett 2

Thanks to Australian Marriage Equality for the photos.

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