Australia: Marriage Equality Foes Win National Election

Written by scott on September 7th, 2013

Australia Opposition Leader Tony AbbottAustralia’s marriage equality hopes may have been dashed, at least for the next several years, as the conservative coalition was swept into power.

Lez Get Real reports:

Australia has a new Prime Minister and a new ruling party. Despite a number of campaign missteps, the Conservative Party lead by Tony Abbott has been swept into office by a landslide. The victory was largely due to dissatisfaction with infighting and instability within the Labor Party than anything else. Abbott, however, is not for same-sex marriages and once described them as the fashion of the time that would eventually pass. Abbott vowed to cut taxes and crack down on asylum seekers arriving by boat. Abbott stated that “From today I declare that Australia is under new management and Australia is once more open for business.”

Ex-PM Julia Gillard can take comfort knowing she put off equality for thousands and thousands of Australians long enough for her party to lose power to the conservatives.

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