Australia: Not Over for Marriage Equality Yet?

Written by scott on September 8th, 2013

Sydney, AustraliaWith the conservative victory in the weekend’s elections in Australia, many assumed chances for marriage equality to pass were slim to none. But maybe not?

Pink News reports:

Gay Star News reporter Andrew Potts, who is based in Australia, has looked into the situation and found that whilst Abbott may have won the election, same sex marriage may still have support within the Australian government. Reporting from Australia, he told us: ‘Both parties that Abbott will most likely have to negotiate with – the Katter’s Australia Party and Palmers United Australia Party will allow their senators a conscience vote on same-sex marriage so there are likely to be more votes in the Senate for marriage equality, while it would still fail in the House of Representatives. ‘The Greens are certain to increase their numbers in the Senate and they all support marriage equality, while many Labor Senators who are marriage equality supporters have been voted into the Senate.

It still seems unlikely to me, but there is a ray of hope…

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