Australia: Priest Who Supported Marriage Equality Defrocked

Written by scott on September 25th, 2013

Australia MapIn the first major test of the new Pope’s position on homosexuality after conciliatory comments earlier this week, the Catholic Church has excommunicated priest who it spoken out on marriage equality and women’s rights in the church.

LGBTQ Nation reports:

Father Greg Reynolds said the order comes direct from the Vatican, not at the request of Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart, and apparently follows a secret denunciation in the best traditions of the inquisition, reported Australia’s The Age. The excommunication document — written in Latin and giving no reason — was delivered Sept. 18 through a canon lawyer for the Melbourne archdiocese, Fr. John Salvano, who invited Reynolds a few weeks earlier to meet “to discuss ‘some canonical issue,'” Reynolds said. A separate letter sent Friday from Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart indicated Reynolds’ support of women’s ordination was a primary reason for the excommunication. But Reynolds said he believes the excommunication also resulted from his support of the gay community.

Not a good start for the Pope’s rebranding effort.

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