Australia: Prime Minister Tony Abbott May Challenge ACT’s Marriage Equality Bill

Written by scott on September 19th, 2013

Australia Opposition Leader Tony AbbottFor about two months, Australia had a Prime Minister who actually supported marriage equality. Those days are over. Joe.My.God reports:

The federal government is considering whether it should block the ACT’s proposed same-sex marriage legislation. The ACT government introduced a bill to permit same-sex marriages into the Legislative Assembly on Thursday morning. It is expected to pass the 17-member Assembly with the support of all eight Labor and the only Greens member. Mr Abbott later said the Commonwealth had constitutional responsibility for marriage and Attorney-General George Brandis would seek advice on the ACT bill. The ACT is entitled to do what it can within the law,” Mr Abbott said. “And, as you know, under the constitution the Commonwealth has responsibility for marriage. The attorney will be seeking advice on precisely how far that extends.”

Of course, when Julia Gillard was Prime Minister, the Federal Government also stomped on attempts to legalize marriage equality at state level.

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