Australia: Will Abbott Stay Out Of ACT Marriage Equality Fight?

Written by scott on September 16th, 2013

Australia Opposition Leader Tony AbbottMarriage equality activists in Australia are asking new Prime Minister Tony Abbott to stay out of the fight for marriage equality in the Australian Capital Territory.

Gay Star News reports:

Australian campaigners for marriage equality have asked Prime Minister Tony Abbott to respect the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government’s mandate to legislate for same-sex marriage if they want people to respect his mandate to govern. Over the weekend the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) called on Abbott to block moves by the ACT Government to pass a bill allowing same-sex couples to marry within its borders, saying having same-sex couples marry at a state and territory level and opposite sex couples marry under federal law would be ‘nonsense.’

The election which put Abbot’s party in power may have set back the national fight for marriage equality by years, but the fight continues at the state level.

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