Guyana: Judge Clarifies Ban on Cross Dressing

Written by scott on September 9th, 2013

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A judge in Guayana has issued a ruling clarifying an old law that banned cross dressing in the country.

Edge Boston reports;

A judge interpreting a colonial-era law has ruled that cross-dressing is a criminal offense only if it’s done for an “improper purpose” such as prostitution, but the partial victory has frustrated gay rights activists in Guyana who are pushing for the 120-year-old statute to be removed from the books. On Sunday, a group called the Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination said the constitutional court’s “dubious decision” means police can continue to arrest cross-dressers and transgender citizens in the South American country for ambiguous reasons. They plan to appeal the judgment.

Transgender rights continue to move to the forefront – hopefully Guyana will get rid of this law completely soon.

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