Japan: First District Supports LGBT Rights

Written by scott on September 12th, 2013

Yodogawa Ward, Japan - Google Maps

From Google Maps

A government board in Japan has become the first of its kind to support LGBT rights.

Dot429 reports:

A Japanese district has come out in support of LGBT rights. With over 170,000 residents, the government ward Yodogawa in Osaka has become the first Japanese district to pass a resolution on LGBT issues. “In order to make this city a livable place for a diversity of people, Yodogawa Ward respects the human rights of LGBT people,” reads the resolution. “Therefore, we will carry out staff human rights training in regards to the LGBT community; disperse accurate information about the LGBT community; support the activities of the LGBT community and listen to the voices of the LGBT community”

Even a year ago, there were very few LGBT rights stories coming out of Asia. What a difference twelve months can make.

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