Lithuania: Parliament Goes After LGBT Citizens With Five Bills

Written by scott on September 11th, 2013

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Lithuanian legislators are considering no fewer than five anti-LGBT bills.

Pink News reports:

Five separate anti-gay and anti-trans bills are set to be considered in the Lithuanian parliament later this year, including a ban on gender reassignment, a ban on same-sex adoption, regulations of public events, and a legalisation of anti-gay hate speech. The proposed bills are expected to be heard in December this year.

The bills would ban sex reassignment surgery for transgender citizens, would ban adoption by same sex couples, would authorize fines against organizers of public gay events, would require such organizers to foot the bill for “safety and order” at these events, and would protect hate speech against LGBT citizens.

Wow. Just wow.

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  1. Michael says:

    They either are or seek to be a member of the EU. The EU needs to do something about this spreading anti-gay cancer in Europe.

  2. Bill Drayton says:

    I completely agree with Michael. I thought that the three Baltic states were progressive. I hope that I will NOT be disappointed in my assessment. The EU should not waver in its condemnation of any anti-gay legislation in either member states or potential member states, and the EU should bar such states until they uphold human rights including lgbt rights.

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