Peru: Legislator Proposes Civil Unions Bill

Written by scott on September 13th, 2013

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Congressman Carlos Bruce is proposing civil unions for gay and lesbian couples in Peru.

Peru This Week reports:

Carlos Bruce, a congressman from Lima, announced today that he is pursuing the approval of a bill that would grant homosexual couples the right to legalize their relationships in a “civil union.” Bruce gave an interview to Canal N in which he explained the aims behind the proposal. According to Bruce, the proposal is meant to alleviate the situation of discrimination faced by gay Peruvians. He pointed out that, while heterosexual couples have the option to formalize their relationships and receive legal rights and protections, gay couples have no way to make their relationships official. Bruce explained that gay Peruvians were victims of state-sponsored discrimination because their relationships could not be protected by law, and therefore vulnerable.

It’s not full marriage equality, but it is a step in the right direction.

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  1. Cesar A. RIvero says:

    As a gay Peruvian-American in a relationship of 37 years I applause Mr. Bruce’s position on gay unions. It is time to have a politician in Peru that accepts people for what they are without conditions. Personally I think that Mr. Bruce has made Cardinal Cipriani look like an “antique” from the 19th Century. It is time to step forward to the 21st Century, and accept people for what they are and not what some people want them to be. I believe that true love has NO CONDITIONS, and applauses to Mr. Bruce for his contemporary stand on Civil Unions.

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