Russia: Olympic Committee – We’re Totally Fine with Russia’s Anti-Gay Law

Written by scott on September 26th, 2013

Sochi OlympicsApparently, Olympic officials are on-board with Russia’s assurances that its anti-gay laws won’t be enforced during the Olympics.

Joe.My.God reports:

OC officials told a news conference in Sochi, where they were making their final inspection tour before the Games begin Feb. 7, that they were “fully satisfied” that a Russian law banning gay propaganda does not violate the Olympic charter’s anti-discrimination guarantee, the Associated Press reported. The committee considered its decision for several days, IOC Chairman Jean-Claude Killy said, but finally agreed it lacked authority to criticize a host country’s laws if they did not specifically violate Olympic rules. Russian officials have issued contradictory statements about how the law might be enforced. Some have promised that gay athletes and spectators will not encounter any problems, but others have warned that all visitors must respect the nation’s laws.

You can almost feel them squirming as they try to get out of the situation that Russia has stuck them in.


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