Written by scott on September 5th, 2013

Seriously?The latest in our series of the crazy things the anti gay folks are saying and doing around the world.

Who Else Would Discriminate If I Didn’t Do It?

A Washington florist who refused service to a gay couple is talking about how important her actions were in the grand scheme of things. On Top Magazine reports:

“And you have to make a stand somewhere in your life on what you believe and what you don’t believe,” she said. “And it was just a time I had to take a stand. And everybody will have to come to that same time in their business.”

I’m sure the folks who denied service to African Americans across the south had similar justifications.

Let Me Find Something Here in My Book of Right Wing Cliches…

Yup, Bryan Fischer went there. The gays are like Nazis. On Top Magazine reports:

“There are some serious pathologies associated with homosexual behavior, the homosexual lifestyle,” Fischer said. “And I’ve talked about this before with regard to Nazi Germany. We know that the Nazi Party started in a gay bar in Munich. And we know as a matter of historical record that most of the SS, the stormtroopers, that surrounded Hitler and were his enforcers, we know that they were homosexuals. And we know it’s because he couldn’t get straights to be vicious enough in being his enforcers.”

What’s that old saying – when you start calling the other guys nazis, you know you’ve lost the argument?

Is That You, Satan?

And finally, Minnesota Archbishop John Nienstedt sees Satan in the state’s marriage equality law. GoPride reports:

“Today, many evil forces have set their sights on the dissolution of marriage and the debasing of family life. Sodomy, abortion, contraception, pornography, the redefinition of marriage, and the denial of objective truth are just some of the forces threatening the stability of our civilization. The source of these machinations is none other than the Father of Lies. Satan knows all too well the value that the family contributes to the fabric of a good solid society, as well as the future of God’s work on earth.”

When you start calling the other guys Satan…


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  1. Michael Barber says:

    7 years and 4 months. The amount of time I have left to endure these RWNJs before I can retire overseas and never listen to this overripe shite ever again.

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