Written by scott on September 22nd, 2013

Seriously?The latest in our series of the crazy things the anti gay folks are saying and doing around the world. It’s been a few days since our last Seriously post – but it’s like mushrooms – leave ’em in the dark with enough manure, and in a few days you have a fresh new crop.

The Decadent Homosexuals Caused the Flooding in Colorado

Ah, yes, the latest entry in our series, Gays Control the Weather. Pastor Kevin Swanson, also a radio host, went on a rant this week. Pink News reports:

“So here we have the very worst year in Colorado’s year in terms of let’s kill as many babies as possible, let’s make sure we encourage as much decadent homosexual activity as possible, let’s break God’s law with impudence at every single level, at every single level let’s make sure that we offend whoever wrote the Bible, so we have the worst year possible politically in the state of Colorado and it happens to be the worst year ever in terms of flood and fire damage in Colorado’s history.”… Also, speaking about the wildfires, the pair later blamed “metrosexual” men for not growing out their facial hair, and wearing “fairy shoes”, and feminist acts like wearing hats, for going against God’s word.

And yet that godless pit of decadent homosexual activity, San Francisco, is strangely untouched. Funny how that works.

I Wish I Was Wrong on the Whole Gay Marriage Thing

Perennial marriage equality foe Maggie Gallagher responded to the Pope’s new softer line on gays yesterday. reports:

My case against same-sex marriage was always entirely secular. I believe we need a social institution that is about directing the passions of men and women attracted to the opposite sex — 98 percent of people — so that our sexual acts do not hurt the children our bodies create in passion. To me, that’s the heart of “civil marriage” and the explanation for why the government is involved. I don’t see that changing. I hope I am wrong that gay marriage will change that as the public idea of marriage, but the evidence is pretty strong that I am right: It is very hard to see two men as a marriage, and still see marriage as integrally involved in procreation and family structure. Would love for you to prove me wrong. I would love nothing more than to be wrong about this.

Well, Ms. Gallagher, I’m happy to say you’ve gotten your wish. You and your compatriots at NOM are and always have been wrong about marriage equality. You really do know nothing about which you speak, so feel free to lay down your arms and back slowly away from the debate.

Blame the Media for Catholic Obsession With Gay Marriage

New York’s anti-gay Archbishop Timothy Dolan is looking for someone to blame for the church’s obsession with gay marriage. And guess who he chose? GoPride reports:

“Do you agree, has the church spent too much time talking about abortion, gays, homosexuality, and contraception?” co-anchor Norah O’Donnell asked.

“I wonder if we all spend too much time talking about that. I mean you guys would admit that’s usually the things you ask me about, right? So, I don’t know if it’s just the church that seems obsessed with those issues. It seems to be culture, society,” Dolan answered.

The article points out that “Dolan, as president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), has made opposing gay marriage a central tenet of the group.” Nice try, but Sarah Palin’s so much better at this Blame the Lamestream media bit.

Gays Want to Adopt Children to Rape Them

We don’t see such blatant, nasty homophobia in our US enemies much anymore, but its going full-tilt in Russia. reports:

This week, Americablog posted a disturbing propaganda video in Russian which cites religious right-wing activist Mark Regnerus’ false and discredited study on gay parenting and claims, among its other falsehoods, that gays adopt children to rape them.



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