SHOCK: Former “Ex-Gay” CEO says there is a “community” of Gays and Lesbians fighting FOR DOMA – says ending Exodus was “his dream for over a decade”

Written by scott on September 13th, 2013

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Former “Ex-Gay” Exodus International CEO Alan Chambers

            One would think that after decades of being wrong about ones ability to convert their sexuality, Alan Chambers would choose the humble route and allow survivors the time to heal. Instead he has done what many suspected and seized his new platform to further push an agenda that bans LGBT civil rights across this nation. In a “new and fresh” way Alan is doing the same thing he had done for years, discriminate against the LGBT community. He himself still not admitting that he is a full blown homosexual.

Shockingly, he is saying that the reason for a “conversation” on keeping marriage between a man and a woman is because of “Gays and Lesbians fighting FOR DOMA.” He then says closing Exodus was a “Dream of mine for over a decade

It boggles the mind…

See the video here

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Sean Sala is a national gay, social and sexual rights activist. He was the organizer of the 2011 Active Duty Military March in San Diego in which over 250 active duty Military marched in San Diego Pride while Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was still national law. He also was an organizer and liaison for the 2012 Active Duty Military March in which he pressured top Military brass resulting in the Pentagon issuing a historical first time blanket certification and approved the United States Military to wear their full uniforms for the first time in a pride parade in US history; where over 450 military personnel participated. He formally was on the national leadership committee of  Servicemembers United the nations largest LGBT military organization, where he participated in a White House Executive office meeting on Southern California and Gay Military issues and sparred in national news against anti-gay Republican Congressman opposed to Gay troops. He also advocated for troops battling PTSD to the San Diego City Council. He has been featured on the ‘Real World,’ MTV sponsored internet casts on gay rights, local, national and international news and an official Library of Congress documentation on the DADT repeal movement. He is a popular blogger and a columnist for San Diego Gay and Lesbian News. He has also been featured in an expose on gay reparative therapy with Lisa Ling.


After resigning from Servicemembers United he is in progress of challenging the top ten Mega Churches in United States to denounce Uganda’s Parliament from executing gays and he is the chief organizer of the San Diego rally on March 25th to demand the Supreme Court to rule for full federal marriage equality. He also has formed the “Military Freedom Coalition” to challenge the Transgender ban in the Military. 


He served in the United States Navy six years for Naval Intelligence, three combat tours and is an Iraq war Veteran.


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