Transgender Couple Marries; Transgender Widow Can’t Get Marriage License

Written by scott on September 16th, 2013

Transgender FlagWe have a couple new stories for you on the transgender rights front this morning. First of all, a transgender couple in Scotland just got married.

Gay Star News reports:

Helen and Felix Fenlon made British history when they tied the knot this weekend. The transgender couple claim they are Britain’s ‘first double sex swap wedding’. According to British newspaper The Mirror, Felix met Helen in 2008 in a transgender support group. Prior to celebrating their ‘perfect’ ceremony this weekend, Helen and Felix had to change the gender on their individual birth certificates. Now the happy couple, after dating for six years, celebrated their Gothic-themed ceremony in Gretna Green, a village in southern Scotland famous for runaway marriages.

Congratulations to the happy couple.

Our other story is out of Texas, and it’s not such a happy one. a transgender woman whose first husband passed away is seeking to marry again, but is being denied a marriage license by the state.

The Advocate reports:

Transgender woman Nikki Araguz, who is seeking to claim her late husband’s death benefits, is waging another legal battle in Texas, seeking to marry again. Araguz and her fiance, William Lloyd, were denied a marriage license by the Harris County Clerk’s office in Houston Thursday, TV station KVUE reports. Texas law considers her male, even though she presented a document certifying her gender transition, and does not allow same-sex marriage. Also, although Araguz has obtained an amended birth certificate identifying her as female, Texas goes by the original birth certificate, which designates her as male.

I hope that sooner or later, transgender people will be treated just like everyone else, even in Texas.


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