UK, Scotland: Singer Michelle McManus – “I’m Catholic and I Support Marriage Equality”

Written by scott on September 15th, 2013

 Scottish singer Michelle McManusThe Scottish singer is saying that being Catholic and supporting marriage equality are not mutually exclusive.

Pink News reports:

In her video, the Glaswegian singer who is best known for winning Pop Idol said: “I disagree with how my own religion views same-sex marriages, but then being a modern Catholic, most modern Catholics do disagree with a lot of these man-made laws.” She added: “I support equal marriage for all because we live in 2013 and I don’t think any human should be treated any differently from another. I think it’s absolutely absurd that we all don’t have the same human rights.” McManus is a devout Roman Catholic and performed two songs for Pope Benedict XVI at a Mass in Bellahouston Park as part of the former Pope’s visit to Scotland in 2010.

Mark and I have a number of Catholic friends here in United States, and almost all of them support marriage equality. In fact the level of support for marriage equality among Catholics in the US is higher than the general population.

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  1. Thomas Ranzenberger says:

    The lady may be living in the 21st century but the curia has never really left the 13th. They simply cannot accept a world in which the church does not dictate to the state. Nor accept that non catholics have equal rights, which they should accept as a matter of right not expedience.

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