USA, Arizona: Sedona May Pass Civil Unions Ordinance

Written by scott on September 8th, 2013

Arizona mapSedona could become the third Arizona city, after Bisbee and Tucson, to pass a civil unions ordinance.

The Verde Independent reports:

The City of Sedona’s Wednesday council meeting marks the first time members will consider recognizing civil unions. Mayor Rob Adams said the city’s voters tend to be fiscally conservative, with a slight left lean on social issues. He himself has been active in the LGBT community since he took office. “It has a good chance of passing, but you don’t know until it comes down to the vote,” Adams said.

The more cities that pass these ordinances, the more pressure there will be on the state to do something.

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  1. tjchase says:

    Unfortunately, Civil Unions and domestic partnerships do not qualify for federal marriage benefits.

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