USA, Arkansas: After Rejecting Marriage Equality Initiative, AG Accepts Repeal Initiative

Written by scott on September 20th, 2013

Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDanielOkay, so this is all a little confusing. Yesterday, Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel rejected a marriage equality initiative – that one would have amended the Constitution to recognize same-sex marriage. Today he accepted another proposal – this one would remove the ban from the Constitution but would not explicitly legalize marriage equality.

Towleroad reports:

Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel has accepted language for a proposed 2014 ballot measure submitted by Arkansans for Equality that would repeal Constitutional Amendment 83, which prohibits same-sex marriage, KARK reports: McDaniel issued the opinion Thursday afternoon, which states that the amendment, if passed, would not make same-sex marriage or civil unions legal in the Natural State, but would grant power to the General Assembly to pass laws relating to same-sex marriage.

Somehow, I don’t see the Arkansas legislature passing a marriage equality bill anytime soon…

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