USA, Hawaii: Marriage Equality in Hawaii By November?

Written by scott on September 11th, 2013

HawaiiWith Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie’s announcement that he is calling a special session next month for marriage equality, things could move quickly.

On Top Magazine reports:

Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie, a Democrat, on Monday chose to call a special session to consider a proposed gay marriage bill, setting up the possibility that Hawaii could become the 14th state to legalize such unions by November 1. The session, expected to last 5 days, is scheduled to begin October 28. “Every variation on a view with regard to the issue of marriage and equitable treatment for those engaged in marriage has been aired, has been analyzed, has been discussed,” Abercrombie said. “No one has been left out or has been marginalized in the process to this point.”

Anyone plan to fly to Hawaii for your wedding day? How romantic…

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    Great A nice News for the Hawaii Gay Comunity

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