USA, Hawaii: Will the Mormon Church Sit Out The Battle Over Marriage Equality This Time?

Written by scott on September 16th, 2013

Mormon ChurchThe Mormon Church is widely credited with killing the states attempted marriage equality back in the 90s, while the state Supreme Court dithered. Will they get involved again this time?

Fred Karger at the Huffington Post reports:

What will the Mormon Church do now? It appears that post Proposition 8 the Church has backed away from leading the fight to stop gay marriage at any cost, because its public image received such a shellacking. Take a look at this Washington Post story from May 29, 2009 “The Mormon are Coming” as a prime example. In the story the Church’s own pollster Gary Lawrence admits that the Mormon Church was badly hurt because of all it did on Prop 8, “We’re upside down in our image,” he said. “The Church’s favorability ratings declined for Mormons over the last year, from 42 percent to 37.”

The Mormon church is been relatively quiet on marriage equality for the last few years – will the trend continue in Hawaii?

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