USA, Kentucky: Lesbian Must Testify Against Spouse, Judge Rules

Written by scott on September 24th, 2013

KentuckyA judge in Kentucky has ruled that a woman can be forced to testify against her partner in a murder trial.

Pink News reports:

A judge in the US state of Kentucky has ruled that the wife of a murder defendant must testify against her civil partner, despite state law exempting spouses from being compelled to testify against each other, because of a lack of legal recognition of same-sex marriages in the state. Judge Susan Schultz Gibson, at Jefferson Circuit Court, ruled on Monday that it is “abundantly clear”, that same-sex marriages are not recognised under Kentucky law, despite that “the legal, social and moral landscape against which this issue is playing out is rapidly changing and progressing.” Prosecutors have argued that Geneva Case had heard her spouse Bobbie Jo Clary, admit to killing a man two years ago, and that she saw her clean blood out of the man’s van, and abandon it in Southern Indiana.

This is why we need full marriage equality, nation-wide.

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