USA: Leave for Gay Couples to Marry Begins in September

Written by scott on September 3rd, 2013

USA MapGay and lesbian US Military members are eligible for leave starting this month to trace to a state that allows marriage equality,

NBC News reports:

Starting Tuesday, the Pentagon is allowing gay troops to take travel leaves for up to seven days — or as many 10 days for those stationed abroad — as long as those service members live 100-plus miles away from a state that allows same-sex marriages. Scores of service members are draining their savings just to pay for airfare, hotels and rental cars — common, logistical necessities for obtaining a marriage certificate in one of the 13 states where same-sex marriage is legal, advocates say.

Do you think there will be a military wedding boom?

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  1. Meri Equality Justus says:

    Yes! I think every military member who can afford to make the trips should all go to get married where ever they can and fill the military housing with same sex couples. and just maybe when people on the base realize that this has not changed any thing for them, then maybe just maybe the other haters will start to realize that it is not going to change their lives either.

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