USA: Mayors for The Freedom to Marry Relaunches

Written by scott on September 17th, 2013

Mayors for the freedom to marryAn innovative program created by Freedom to Marry to convince mayors across United States to support marriage equality is being relaunched this week.

Joe.My.God reports:

Mayors for the Freedom to Marry is a broad-based and nonpartisan group of mayors who believe that all people should be able to share in the love and commitment of marriage. Our goal is to get 500+ mayors from all 50 states to support the freedom to marry. Check the map to see if your mayor has joined Mayors for the Freedom to Marry.If you don’t see your mayor listed, join us in asking them to publicly support the freedom to marry.

The site features an interactive map where you can look to see if you are mayor supports marriage equality yet. On a related note, we received a hilarious email from Freedom to Marry asking us if the “Mayor of El Dorado Hills” supports marriage equality. Hilarious because a) El Dorado Hills has never become a city, and b) wherein one of the most conservative areas of California. Sigh.

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