USA: Military May Give Gay Soldiers Administrative Absence Instead of Leave For Weddings

Written by scott on September 1st, 2013

USA MapAfter the predictable uproar from Republicans over allowing gay and lesbian soldiers leave to get married in a state other than where they currently are stationed, the Pentagon is considering a slightly different plan.

The Shreveport Times reports:

Instead of unearned leave, which might need to be backed by statute, commands might be encouraged to grant up to 10 days’ “administrative absence.” The intent still would be to give homosexual service members extra time off to travel to where same-sex marriage is allowed, and thus qualify them sooner for full benefits including spousal medical care and “with dependents” housing allowances, military and congressional sources confirm. And to address worry in Congress and anger in the ranks that marriage leave is exclusive to homosexual couples, Defense officials are considering more liberal use of administrative absences for heterosexual members overseas who wish to marry yet can’t, due to local restrictions.

It doesn’t matter much what it’s called, as long as gay and lesbian couples are allowed to marry to receive the same benefits as their straight colleagues.

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