USA, New Jersey: Dems to Attempt Override of Christie Marriage Equality Veto After Election

Written by scott on September 24th, 2013

New Jersey mapThe New jersey Democratic party is revving up to try to pass the marriage equality bill again.

Pink News reports:

As of last year the Senate needed three more votes, as well as 12 in the Assembly, in order to override Christie’s veto, but its supporters are now confident that they can succeed. Democratic leaders have said they will attempt to override the veto in November during the lame duck season after the election. Campaigns have also begun on both sides of the argument. Republican legislators have been told they will be allowed to vote however they please on the issue, without pressure from the governor.

Why are they waiting until November? My guess is to give Republicans who might vote for it some cover, so they don’t have to go against the governor just before the election. Thoughts?

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