USA, New Jersey: Gay Activists Push For Veto Override On Marriage Equality

Written by scott on September 16th, 2013

New Jersey Governor Cris ChristieLast year, Gov. Chris Christie vetoed a marriage equality bill in New Jersey. Now some are pushing for a veto override. reports:

A group of prominent advocates is attempting to persuade Republicans and a handful of reluctant Democrats in the Legislature to help override Gov. Chris Christie’s 2012 veto of a same-sex marriage bill before the current term expires in January 2014. Well-financed and well-organized, they’re undaunted by the near-total control Christie has wielded up to now over his fellow Republicans in the Senate and Assembly. Not once since he became governor have the Democratic legislative leaders been able to muster the two-thirds “supermajority” in each house needed to override a veto. The power a New Jersey chief executive possesses to help or hurt a lawmaker’s political career and Republicans’ awareness of how this extraordinarily short-fused incumbent would likely react if they disrespected him have combined to keep his record perfect.

Nevertheless, the attempt must be made. And if marriage quality can’t be brought to the state via the legislature, it will come via the courts or a public vote.

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