USA, New Jersey: Two GOP Legislators Will Vote for Marriage Equality Bill

Written by scott on September 19th, 2013

Rep. Declan O'Shannon and Rep. Holly SchepisiTwo members of New Jersey’s Republican party plan to defy Governor Chris Christie to vote for the marriage equality bill. reports:

Two GOP members of the New Jersey Assembly, Rep. Declan O’Shannon and Rep. Holly Schepisi, say they will defy Gov. Chris Christie and vote for marriage equality. O’Scanlon said there are likely to be more crossover votes. “The narrative that the governor strong-arms Republicans in the Legislature is false,” O’Scanlon said Wednesday. “I think you’ll see some other folks vote for it, but I don’t know exactly how many at this point. We’re some time away from that vote actually happening,” he said.

Is the veto override effort in New Jersey finally picking up steam?

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