USA, Pennsylvania: What Happens Next for Marriage Equality?

Written by scott on September 14th, 2013

Pennsylvania mapNow that a judge has shut down Montgomery County marriage licenses for same sex couples, there’s still the question of what happens to all those couples who used them to get married.

LGBTQ Nation reports:

In his opinion, Pellegrini said, “There are no obstacles preventing those adversely affected by the provisions of the Marriage Law from asserting their own rights in an appropriate forum.” Nicola and Tamara Cucinotta of Paoli filed a lawsuit in Commonwealth Court last Friday against the governor. Their suit argues that their marriage is permissible under the state constitution and asks the state to recognize their union. The women obtained one of the first same-sex licenses from Hanes this summer, and later married. “It doesn’t say anything about Hanes, or about Montgomery County, or whether they received a license or (not),” lawyer Cletus Lyman said. β€œIt says they are suing for the right to be married.”

When a similar thing happened in California in 2004, all the marriage licenses issued were declared invalid – we know, because we had one of them. But this is not 2004.

Joel Mathis at The Philly Post draws the same conclusion:

To torture a metaphor: Hanes helped get the ball on the field. The ACLU’s lawsuit challenging Pennsylvania’s gay marriage ban will help push that ball over the goal line. Victory is within reach. And if victory doesn’t occur there, it will occur sometime soon after that. Polls show a growing majority of Pennsylvanians now favor gay marriage. This is not the sort of issue on which popular will can or will be long denied. So yes, there was a moment on Thursday to be sad that Hanes’ valiant effort to bring marriage equality to his little fiefdom had been brought to a halt. But there wasn’t much despair, and that makes sense: We’ve seen what happened in California. It will happen here. The judge’s decision didn’t end the fight for gay marriage here–it’s just getting started.

Sooner or later, Pennsylvania will have full marriage equality.

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  1. Thomas Ranzenberger says:

    Maybe someone should ask judge Pellegrini to order Bruce Hanes to issue marriage licenses.

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